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CDA Success Stories
  • My daughter really loves CDA. We are both very excited about it! She loves ballet again, and she looks forward to hip-hop and lyrical every week. She loves the teachers and enjoys the company of her fellow students. You set a warm and welcoming tone at your studio. Thank you to you and your wonderful teachers for bringing her love of dance back to life. (Her grandmother and I were devastated to think she might quit.)    Best wishes, Jill Ireland

  • "Classic Dance Academy’s owner Michelle Dolighan Rodenbeck was a principal dancer with Colorado Ballet and then ran their academy before starting her own school. She has now graduated many students on to pre-professional and professional companies around the country but she has a wonderful recreational program for ballet if students are less serious, and as they get older, she has a very strong Teen program, which is hard to find in a lot of schools. I find the entire CDA faculty to be very well versed about training, nutrition, injury prevention, and realistic goal setting.

  • CDA is a very good mix of the discipline and rigor of ballet education and an amazingly nurturing and confidence building environment. the dancers are very close and are encouraged to support each other, they are taught to compete against themselves, not each other.

  • The company director is very experienced, organized, supportive, and the kids absolutely love her. kids can compete as much or as little as they want in all forms of dance. 


  • The staff is top notch in all forms of dance, it's clear Michelle is well connected and is desirable to work for! The choreography, music and costumes for recitals and competitions are very appropriate and classy, a relief for parents." Erin Yokomichi-a parent

  • “I have two girls ages 4 and 9. I have been to several dance studios in the Denver metro area. As a parent I feel you can bring your child to a studio where they are taught by an individual that knows dance as a hobby or you can bring your child to a place where the teachers are experienced and knowledgeable. The staff at Classic know ballet/dance and carry years of experience. If you want your child to learn ballet/dance the proper way Classic Dance is the place. The studio is a clean, professional and positive place to be. Michelle has been a positive influence on my daughters and they have grown in their dance abilities by leaps and bounds. They look forward to going to dance each week. I could take the girls someplace closer to our house, but the quality is worth the drive.”

  • “In the process of trying to find the best possible training for my daughter, I looked at practically every dance studio in Denver for almost 12 months. As a professional ballet dancer for 15 years, I knew what I needed to see in a studio, with regards to staff, training, the environment, etc. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion to throw in the towel and continue to train my daughter on my own. That is until I found Classic Dance Academy.


  • On the very first day, my daughter felt instantly accepted into the CDA family. The instruction is excellent, she loves coming to every single class and misses it when she is not there. All the girls are sweet and kind and genuinely excited for one another and the parts that they each get. Michelle and her teachers have all been professionals and know how to train young dancers while caring for each and every student.


  • Last, but not least - - and this may be the biggest plug of all for CDA - - the drive for us is 140 miles round trip! THAT'S how much this place means to us.” Michelle Coker

  • “Our family was thrilled when Michelle decided to open the doors of Classic Dance Academy! We knew that Michelle would provide a studio with strong technique in a nurturing environment and she has done just that! With many studio options out there, it is important to find that special place where your child can grow technically in her skill and feel good about herself. We have experienced teachers who have the ability to teach at a high skill level yet unfortunately break the dancer down emotionally. At Classic Dance Academy my daughters are taught by very experienced, well trained teachers who respect and care for them as individuals. They are pushed and challenged but in a loving way, never degraded or humiliated. In the ballet world, it is sometimes seen as acceptable to have a teacher who degrades and literally screams at the students. I as a parent do not feel it is acceptable. Michelle also does not feel it is acceptable and that is one of the many reasons why we are at Classic. It is a special place and it did not take even a full year for the community to realize it. Her studios are full of happy and talented dancers. We are blessed to be a part of the Classic Dance Community. Thank you Michelle!”

  • “My daughter has studied under the expertise of Michelle (owner and ballet instructor) since she was 5 yr old. We were so excited to follow her as she opened her own studio. Michelle and her staff have created a "Dance Family" atmosphere where the dancers support and encourage one another in the most positive way. I couldn't ask for better role models for my teen.”  Stephanie Mater (Proud Classic Dance Mom)

  • "My daughter LOVES dancing with Miss Michelle and I have to say, having been at several other dance academy locations, Classic Dance Academy is by far the best in town! Your warm environment and nurturing style is amazing. Also, my husband, who does not love recitals, said that the June recital you hosted was by far the best run one he has ever been to!" ~Rebecca Franciscus, a parent

  • "I am deeply grateful to you Michelle, for helping (my child) mature as a dancer and a human. Your dedication to excellence and honesty built an invaluable foundation for (my child) helping him to understand what it is to work humbly and diligently and to value earned respect." ~a parent

  • "I have to take a moment to praise Classic Dance Academy for those young women.... They consider themselves sisters in dance, Backstage they were so very supportive of each and every one... In parting " love you guys, Good job!" Very impressive now a days. Thank you for developing not only beautiful dancers, but 1st class ladies!" ~a parent

  • Tony Coppola-guest instructor  “Michelle, Heather, and all at Classic Dance, I had a great time with your students! You and your faculty are doing a terrific job! The dancers were focused, energetic, quick to pick up choreography, respectful and most of all they look happy! BRAVO! I hope to see you again ...keep working hard...all the best! -Tony C

  • I knew the first time we walked into Classic Dance Academy that it was THE PLACE for my girls to study dancing. The instructors are professional, challenging and technically sound, while at the same time nurturing and encouraging, resulting in a wonderful environment for kids to grow up in. I appreciate the sensitivity they have for making everything, from music to attire, age appropriate. The families are friendly, and the kids enjoy being with one another, having fun, learning, and making friends. My girls have loved each of their teachers, and I'm always amazed at how they grow, not only in ability, but self-confidence and character! CDA is well rounded with top notch lessons for all types of dance (ballet, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, tap, etc) - not too many dance studios offer such a broad spectrum of training. There are studios with technically perfect training that take the joy out of dancing. There are studios that are fun and encouraging, but aren't technically sound. Classic Dance Academy is a rare and special place that has both strong technical training and a caring environment. No matter where life takes us, Classic Dance Academy will always be our dance home and feel like family to us!-Jill Hilbrich- parent

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